Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Cake

On the 19th of January it was my 37th birthday!

As it was only mum, dad and I down the beach by this stage and dad and I were working on my camp, I didn't really feel like celebrating so I decided to cancel my birthday.

However there was a little celebration today :)

Mum and I went to Warren Glen nursery cafe for a lovely breakfast and then Jo, Angus and Daisy visited this afternoon with a birthday card in hand (the Apple MacBook Pro was a Christmas/Birthday present).

It only seemed fitting to put the chocolate cake that mum had made and frozen to good use :)

One cake and a couple of helpers...

Although the helpers soon got distracted....

And although it didn't quite end up like the inspiration cake...

I think we did a pretty good job :)

Thanks to my little helpers, mum and Jo for a lovely day xo


  1. Nearly as good as the inspiration cake but way more fun. Mum

  2. It certainly looks way more fun - and just as yummy. Happy birthday Robyn - nice to see you smiling and how great does that colour look on you?

  3. what a beautiful photo. happy birthday robyn