Monday, August 2, 2010

Work In Progress

I currently have a few 'works in progress' on the go....

1. This little bargain - $3.00 at a garage sale. With a bit of TLC, an updated bag and a bit of a clean this little beauty will be great to put my knitting in and sit next to my chair.

2. A little something for someone special.

3. Me!!

I'm going to be straight up and say that at the moment I feel like sh*t! I haven't been eating properly, actually to be honest I haven't been eating much at all. My family and friends are the first to notice, haven't been game to put myself on the scales but I have noticed that my clothes are a little looser and it's not like I have a few extra kilos to spare. Some might call it laziness, or maybe even a lack of self love, but when I stand and look at my pantry or contents of my fridge I have an overwhelming sense of it's all just too hard! Some nights it may be some potato chips and a few rows of chocolate, I have been known to eat a wedge of blue cheese, healthy I know!

Anyway, food preparation is not one of my strong points and I know this area of my life is definitely a long term 'work in progress'. I have the books, I've even done the health retreat, I have the knowledge, I just lack the motiviation or as my ex-husband would say 'discipline'!!!

I guess as I say to others, take one day at a time, one step at a time and as a naturopath once said to me, when life turns to sh*t get back to basics. 3 healthy meals a day, sleep, exercise, breathe and put one foot in front of the other.


  1. sound advice... but sometimes hard to do.... my fellow sugar buddy !!!

  2. Great advice. Thanks for voicing it - I may need to use it. Funny how you think eating is too hard and I can't stop - both self love issues...! x