Monday, August 2, 2010


I probably should have put a WARNING with this one!

But this is ME, no frills and all. I took this photo on Sunday morning, as you can see not long after getting out of bed. I HATE this photo but it's honest, this photo is how I feel.

For the last few months life has been pretty full on! I made the extremely difficult decision to have my beautiful chester put to sleep, I still miss his cuddles. A colleague that I considered a 'friend' turned out to be not so friendly. A family rift was quickly repaired in Royal Melbourne Hospital and hearts were broken when my personal relationship came to an end.

Life's funny how it throws everything at you at once, but I am definately a strong believer in everything happens for a reason, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and God doesn't ever give you more than you can handle, even if I do constantly ask him for strength. Last year I learnt a big lesson in Faith. Faith and hope, the faith that what you are going through is only temporary and you WILL be ok. I am testament to that! And Hope, because sometimes Hope is all it takes to get you through.

So on Sunday morning, when I felt like sh*t, I decided that 'today' wasn't about me, 'today' was about a little boys 5th birthday party. So I did my hair and make-up, and I put on my best smile and off I went to celebrate my beautiful nephews birthday in style :-)


  1. You, are what good things are made of. I am honoured to call you daughter.


  2. and thank-you for that brilliant smile, his 5th was pretty fun!!

    hopefully the universe will start dishing up some stuff that's not quite so exhausting... xox

  3. what a beautiful post that bought tears to my eyes. you looked so radiant and full of life last night till we all unloaded around you !!!!! you are an amazingly strong talented clever funny wonderful person that has such resiliance and strength from whast you have been through in the last year or so. stay true to yourself and you know as they say good things happen right when you least expect it...

  4. Wow! So much going on with you - I'm sorry it's been so tough. You are so strong and so true to yourself.

    I'm with Nay - you did look light and bright and happy last night. We must have seemed so ungrateful for what we have. We each have our struggles and I hope yours are at the end so that light and happy face I saw last night can be a regular feature on your face. x