Thursday, April 26, 2012


Last February Ali and I headed to Brisbane for the weekend to share in the celebration of Nick and Simone's recent nuptials at the Burningman Festival in Nevada. 


Ali and I flew up on the Saturday morning and after checking into our accommodation at Toowong we found a nice little cafe for breakfast before hunting down a day spa to enjoy an afternoon massage prior. 

We then joined Nick and Simone, their family and close friends for a magical celebration at Walk-about Creek, The Gap.

We had a wonderful evening, with lots of happy tears viewing the photo's of their marital day then celebrating and dancing into the early evening. A great night and the newlyweds both looked so gorgeous and happy :)

Ali and I then spent the Sunday hiring a couple of pushbikes and enoying a cycle along the Brisbane River, quite a humorous experience as I hadn't been on a pushbike since I was a kid and it took me quite a while to get my confidence back on a bike and the 'wobbles' to a minimum - great fun though :)

We then had lunch at Sizzler (and discovered why they went broke in Victoria - terrible!) prior to catching the ferry down the Brisbane River to Brians Wharf where we finished our sightseeing with a glass of wine at a nice restaurant on the river watching the world go by before dashing to catch our flight home (just) :D

A wonderful weekend, great friends, excellent weather and a fun, enjoyable time in Brisbane :)

Much love Nick and Simone, wishing you a life of lots of love, laughter and special memories xoxo

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